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The first thing you want to do is find a Template that you want to use. Here are a few Places:

Alex King Theme Browser.

Word Press Themes List

Once you find the one you want to Use you will need to Upload it to the Word Press Directory wp-content/themes Folder. Have all your Themes in a different Folder.

You will need to Use your FTP Program to CHMOD all the PHP files to 777 All boxes need to be Checked. Leave all the Images alone.

Log into your Word Press Panel and Click on Presentation. Click on the Select to choose the Theme you want. Once that is done it will say its the Active Theme. Step 1

Click on View Site at the top and you will now see the new Theme Loaded.

Templates Can be changed by opening all the Images in the Image folder and changing them to the Colors or Graphics you want. Keep the same file names. And Upload again to the Image Folder. Make sure to read the Template writers Terms First! Themes can not be changed. They are made to use as is.


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