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Tutorial Written 01/27/06

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This will also work for the Right Sidebar if your Theme Has one.

In your Dashboard Click on Presentation.

Click on Theme Editor.

Click on Sidebar Template. Yours might look different. It depends on the Theme you Choose.

On my side bar the first is Navagation. So look for that. Underneath you will see some Coding. Do not touch the First one. Go underneath it, and add some Lines.

To add More Links use this code

<li > <a target="_blank" title="Name of Link here!" > </a> </li> Add as Many Links as you want. Make sure they are Before the end ul tag </ul > When done go to the Bottom and click Update File. Then go to View Site at the top and see if thats what you want.

Go to the Next Category and do the Same thing to add more Links if you want.

You can Arrange the Catergories also. Just make Sure to Cut the Entire Section Where it Says.

<!-- Begin Navigation -->

Everything between

<!-- End Navigation -->

Then Paste it where you want it.

The Blogroll is Under Links and will be another Tutorial.


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