Installing WordPress Plugins

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Tutorial Written 01/28/06

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How to Add Plugins

In your Dashboard Click on Plugins

Step 1

Go to the Bottom where it says Get more Plugins. Click on the link.

Step 2

There are several to choose from. Find Some that you might Want like wordspew. This is a shout box. I also use wpgrins and IImage which allows you to add a Image to your post very easily.

The Readme File should tell you everything you need to know. Once you have it Uploaded to the Plugin Directory. Go back to your Dashboard. Click on Plugins. This is also in the readme file. So make sure to read it!

Step 3

Find the Plugin you want to Activate and Click on Activate.

Step 4

That should be it. But if there is more it will tell you on the readme file that you got with the Plugin. All the ones I have read are very excellet and easy to understand.


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