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Tutorial Written 01/22/06

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This part will involve Cascading Style Sheets and a good place to Learn is here: W3 Schools

The first thing I am going to tell you is DO NOT! Edit using a Editor or Notepad. Use the Dashboard to do any editing for WordPress.

Login to your Dashboard. Click on Presentation then click on Theme Editor.

You will notice on the Right hand side all the files you can change. Click on Style Sheet and it will bring it up. Now this is css. You will want to change the Font Colors to match your Theme. There is no way I can explain all this and thats why you should read the Link I supplied above. Do not change any of the code unless you know what you are doing! Style sheets will be different so Mine may not match what you choose. But most are the same.

We are only going to change the Colors. Look at the Body tag. Look for the Colors that are there.

Open your Graphics Program. I use PSP so this is written for PSP. Highlight the first color. Right Click and choose Copy. In your Graphics program pull up the Materials Program. Paste the code into the HTML Place. Is it a color you will use? If not Find a New one.

Once you find what you Like Write it down and go back to the Dashboard/Style sheet and change it. Go to the Bottom and click Update File

Go back to the top and click on View site. Is this what you want? If not change again. Lets go to the Next one. On mine its Content Look for the colors again. And change them. Go to the Bottom and click Update File.

Go back to the top and click on View site. Is this what you want? If not change again. Continue on with all sections until you get what you want. If you Know CSS you can change them all if you know what you are looking for. If you dont then continue on doing this.


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