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Tutorial Written 04/18/05

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This Tutorial was written in PSP 9. Can only be done with PSP 9.

The Rescource Manager is a great tool in PSP 9. This can be done with any tool if you want. Im only showing you one of them. The same applies to all PSP Tools.

1. The First thing you need to do is set up your Folders. You Can use PSP to do that. Lets work on the Tube Folder. Go to File/Preferences/File Locations. Click on the Picture Tube Folder. Click on Create Sub Folders. A window will pop up and you can name your folder what ever you want.

2. Make sure you have Enable and use Subfolders Checked!

3. Click on your Picture tube Tool. Use the Drop down box so they are displayed. Click on the Resource Manager Button.

4. Select all the tubes you want to move by holding down the Shift key. I selected All WGB.

Click on Move.

5. Then locate Picture Tubes/Folder Find the folder you set up and click on it. Then Click OK.

6. All your Tubes should be moved. To Check. Click on the Tube tool. Click on the place to show tubes. Use the drop down box to select the Category. It should only bring up those tubes in that folder.

7. And you can always use PSP to delete them if need be. Just pull up the tool. Click on the Resource Manager/Pull up the Category and click the delete Button.

You can at any time select the Option all if you want to see all of them. But its a great way to Organize all things that you save.


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