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You will need the PSP 8 Paint a Sky Brush Preset. This Preset came with the Boxed Version. If you got the download Version you can get the extra goodies that were not included in the download from Jasc.You need the Recourse pack 3.
PSP 8 Extras
PSP 7 You can not use this script. It only works in PSP 8.

This Tutorial was written in PSP 8. Can be done in 7. I added notes
for PSP 7 users in bold.

It also uses the Flood Filter which you can get here:FLAMING PEAR FLOOD

As you go along I would save the settings I give you for the Presets
so you can create others. Name them what ever you want. I will tell
you when to save them.

Use different colors as each one will come out different. Dont
be afraid to click on the dice in any of the preset menus. Its
fun to experiment and there is always UNDO! Remember to SAVE OFTEN!
PSP 7 you do not have the dice option

Open an Image 600 x 400 Transparent Background.

1. Name your first layer Sky. Set your foreground to #D57328.
And your background to #FEAE39. Click on your paint brush tool.
Go up to Presets and choose the Paint a Sky Preset. Use the default
settings which are:

Step 1

Using a circular motion fill up your canvas.
PSP 7 Use same Settings but use Foreground BackGround Gradient, Angle at 90.

2. Go to Adjust/Blur/Motion Blur and apply with the following
Angle: 252
Strength: 82 (PSP7 42) (Play with these settings also until you get what you like)

3. Add a new Layer named Clouds. Change your foreground to
#FAE5D6 and your background to #C0C0C0. Using your Paint Brush Tool
again same settings for Paint and Sky. Paint in some clouds.
Same Layer!
PSP 7 Use the Cloud Tube.

Go to Effects/Illumination Effects/Sunbrust. Click on the Preset
button and choose Center. Use the default settings but change
the color to #FFD585. Save your Preset! Settings below for PSP 7

Step 3A

4. Still on your cloud layer. And using your Ligthen/Darken
tool and the following settings. Make sure the Swap colors
is checked. (this is to Darken)

Step 2

When you get close to the Sun, Change the size to 20, and darken
a little bit around the sun. PSP 7 You will have to Darken more.

Uncheck the Swap Mouse buttons and add some Lightness to
where you want. Change the size to 20 if need be. PSP 7 you dont
need to lighten unless you Darken to much.

5. Go to your Sky layer and add a new layer. Change your
Foreground to #CA7316 and your background to #E08934. Click
on your paint brush and using the same setting for The Paint
the sky, But change the size to 50. Go along the bottom of
the clouds to give a deeper color to the sky. PSP 7 use Foreground Background
Gradient. Angle set to 90

6. Using your Smudge Tool with the following settings:

Step 3 Step 4

Smudge along the line to blend it.

7. Go to your cloud layer and smudge it also to your liking. Same
settings. PSP 7 Dont not need to smudge.

8. Add a new layer Named Water. Change your foreground to
#404040 and your background to #808080. Then go back to the
Foreground and change it to Gradient. Find the Foreground/Background
gradient. Make the Angle 90. Repeats 0. Flood fill the image.

Go to Effects/Plugins/Flaming Pear/Flood and apply with the
following settings. Change the color and the glue.

Step 5

Dont be afraid to click on the Dice to get a different setting
until you get what you like. (These are just the settings I
came up with that I liked) These come out different every time
also, so yours might not look like mine. Save your Preset!

9. Use your Selection Tool/Rectangle. Start at 0,0 and drag
to cover where the water starts. Then Hit the Delete key.

10. Same layer! Go to Effects/Illumination Effects/Sunburst.
Apply with the following settings: SAVE your Preset!

Step 6

Your done! Save as a PSP file Frame it what ever you want!

This Image was done in PSP 7

PSP 7 Sunset

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