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Tutorial Written 05/02/07

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You will need a Chinese Design. I got mine from here Kathi's Chinese Brushes.

Import them in to your Brush folder.

This is a Vector Tutorial. Easy. Make a Color Chart with a Light and Dark Color you want for your Vase.

This Tutorial was written in PSP 9. Can be done in any Version.

1. Open a New Image 500 X 500. Make your Background Color Your Dark Color. Foreground Null. Using your Preset Shapes Tool/Ellipse. Make an Ellipse about 96 X 25. Place this at the top of your Image. Name this Inside.

Step 1

2. Add a new Vector Layer. Using a Lighter Color as your Background. Using the Preset Shapes tool Same settings draw a large ellipse and shape like below for the Vase. Name this layer Vase. Go to Selections/Select All/Selections/Float/Selections/Load Save Selection/Save Selection to Alpha Channel. Name it what you want.

Step 2

3. Add a New Vector Layer Named Deco. Change your Background to a Dark Color. Using the Preset Tool/Rectangle draw a Rectangle at the top. Make it longer than the vase it self.

Step 3

4. Add A new Vector Layer Named Rim. Using The Preset Shapes Tool/Ellipse Foreground A Gold Gradient. Background Null. Stroke Width 4. Draw a Small Ellispe for the rim. I used the Metallic Gold that comes with PSP Angle 90.

Step 4

5. Go back to the Inside Layer and Right click and Convert to Raster.

6. Go to the Vase Layer. Convert to Raster. Load the Selection you saved Earlier. Using the Airbrush tool and the following Settings shade around the edges with a Darker color than your Vase.
Size: 55
Hardness: 7
Step: 24
Density: 100
Thickness: 100
Rotation: 0
Opacity: 24

7. Go to the Deco Layer. Convert to Raster. Load the Selection you saved. Go to Selections/Invert and hit the delete key.

8. Go to the rim Layer. Convert to Raster.

9. Add a New Layer. Locate the Kchina Bushes you Imported and select the one you want to Use. I use Kchina4 and changed the Size to 300. I used the same Color I use for the Deco. I then used Kchina2 Size 50 and place some around the Vase. I changed the Rotation to 290 and color White and placed some on the Deco. Size 25. Use the Selection you save when done. Then go to Selections/Invert and hit the delete key. In case you went outside the vase.

23. Go to Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow and apply with the following settings:
Vertical and Horizontal: 5
Blur: 50
Opacity: 13

Your Done!


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