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All the tools you will need are PSP 5 or 6

Open A new Image 600 x 600 Transparent Background.
Add a new layer Label it Backside.
Use the Selection tool set at Rectangle, Feather 0 Antilais NOT Checked
Draw a basic rectangle and flood fill with your favorite wood pattern

Go to selections Float
Then Image/Effects/Cutout and apply these settings

Apply the cutout again but change the Vertical and Horizontal to a -5
Copy and paste as a new layer and place right on top of the first one.
Label this Layer Front Piece
Hide the layer label backside for the rest of the tutorial.
Add a new layer called Top and with your selection tool draw
a rectangle that is longer than the cabinet and flood filled with
the wood pattern Go to Selections/Float; and then Image/Effects
and apply the same cutouts as before.
Go to Selction /Defloat

Click on the deform tool. Holding down the control key Drag the
top Right Corner out to your liking and the bottom corner in to meet
with the cabinet.

Add a new layer and with your selction tool draw a thin rectangle on
the top and all the way across. Flood fill with a darker wood pattern
or the same one. Go to Image/Effects/Inner bevel and apply the
following settings.

Copy that selection and paste on a new layer. Resize to 75% make
sure All Layers is NOT checked. Place below the first line then
Paste as a new Section again and place this Under that line. It
Should look like this:

Hide the front piece layer and Layer 1 and make sure the backside
layer is closed also. Then Merge/Merge Visible
Go back to the layer called TOP and copy and paste as a new
Layer and name it Bottom.
Go to Image/Flip and place at the bottom of your cabinet.
Click on the deform tool and holding the control key down Move the
top box in until it fits flush to the cabinet. Move the bottom box
in also to your liking. Should look something like this:

If you have trouble with the glass you can use this tube:

Add a new layer called Right Window. Using your Selection Tool/Rounded
rectange Antilias NOT checked; draw a rectange from the top of the
cabinet to the bottom of the cabinet. Only on half of the cabinet.
Click on the layer label Front Piece and hit the delete key. Make
sure the backside layer is still hidden. Should look like this:


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