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Tutorial Written 09/19/05

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This is a Vector Tutorial. Easy.

This Tutorial was written in PSP X. But can be done in any Version. Paths will be different.

NOTE: This Tutorial was written using the Preset Shape Rectangle that is on the Side where your Tools Are.

If you are using the Rectangle that you might of brought over from PSP 7 then you will not have to Right Click and Convert to Path. Its the One in the Drop down Box at the top. It will only show when You Select Preset Shape from the Tool Bar. And Only if you Converted it over to PSP X From PSP 7. Picture is kind of small but you should still get the idea. If using this by pass the step to Convert to path and just use the Pen Tool to Shape.

You will need to bring the Heart 2 Preset over from PSP 7. It is in the Objects.jsl Shape. Just copy over from PSP 7 Shapes Folder to MyPSPFiles Preset Shapes folder.

Open a New Image 500 X 500.

1. Set your Foreground Color to Black #000000. Line Width 3. Set your Background to a Color of your Choice. I used #435B89. Using the Preset Shapes Tool Rectangle, Vector Checked! Draw out a Rectangle 355 X 140 in the center of the Image. Right Click and Convert Layer to Raster. Lock the Layer. And using your Airbrush tool with the following Settings and your Foreground Color:
Size: 200
Hardness: 5
Step: 10
Density: 7
Thickness: 100
Rotation: 0
Opacity: 90
Blend Mode: Normal

Spray the Rectangle a few Times.

2. Using the Preset Shapes Tool again, Same settings Draw a rectangle at the bottom 355 X 18. Right Click and Convert to Raster. Lock the Layer and using the Airbrush same settings. Spray the rectangle.

3. Using the Preset Shapes Tool Same Settings. Draw a rectangle on the side the Same size as the Back. About 35 pixels Wide. Using the Pick tool. Hold Down the Control Key and Pull the Left Arrow up.

Click on the Pen Tool. Right Click and Choose Convert to Path. Use the pen tool to move the Bottom Node up to fit the Back. Then move the top Left Node down a Bit.

Right Click on this Layer and Convert to Raster. Lock the Layer and Using the Airbrush, same settings, Spray this piece.

4. Using the Preset Shapes Tool, Same settings Draw a Rectangle to fit the Side Piece. About 16 inches wide.. Right Click and convert to Raster. Lock the Layer. Use the Airbrush tool to Spray this piece. Then Right Click and Choose Merge Down. Right Click again and Choose Duplicate. Then go to Image mirror and Place on the other side.

5. Using the Preset Shapes Tool Same settings draw a rectangle at the top to fit the back. Right Click on this Layer and Convert to Raster. Lock the Layer and Using the Airbrush, same settings. Spray this piece.

6. Using the Preset Shapes Tool/Ellipse. Draw a small Circle at the bottom for a Knob. Right Click and Convert to Raster. Go to Effects/3D Effects/Inner Bevel and apply the Round Preset. Copy this layer and Paste as a new Selection for how many Knobs you want.

7. Add a New Raster Layer. Using your Preset Shapes Tool. Heart 2. Vector Not Checked. Draw a Heart in the Center of your Shelf. I didnt Spray this one.

Your Done!


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