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Tutorial Written 05/05/05

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You can get a free copy of WS_FTP LE Here: It the first one at the top. WS_FTP

Here are some other sites with Info on it to.

To Set up WS_FTP:

Open WS-FTP. Click On New

Type in a Profile Name. This can be what ever you want to call it.

Type in the Host Name Address: You need to get this from your Host.

Type in the User ID, This also comes from your Host.

Type in the Password, Also comes from your Host.

Put a Check mark in the save Password. Then Click ok. This will connect you to the site.

Next time you want to connect to the site use the Drop down Box to select the name you gave it and Click OK.

One side is your Computer and the Other side is the Internet

Open up the folder on the computer side where you web page resides.

To move an entire Folder. Click on it and you can either Drag it to the computer side. Or use the Arrows.

To set up folders. When FTP Is open Just click on the make Folder and A screen Pops Up and name it.

Make sure to Always Disconnet (Close) when done FTP'ing


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