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1. I reserve the right to refuse Membership to anyone for any reason that I see fit. Once logged in there will be NO Refunds or Returns. Its a Permanent Membership, so there is only 1 payment made of $25 USD. Permanent means its for the Life of this site only.

2. You may not share your login or password with any one for any reason what so ever. Do not post any URL's anywhere that are with in the Membership area. Link to the main page only.

3. I retain the copyright to the Alpha Selection Files. If you apply for Membership you are just applying for a license to use my work.You MAY NOT do the following:
A. Claim them as your own.
B. Send through any group or Mailing List.
C. Make Line Art from Them.
D. Add to a website and Offer them for Download
E. Make Tubes of them and Pass them around.
F. Add to any CD or Disk.
G. On the tutorials you must use your own colors.
Please do not make an exact copy of mine.
Be creative and make it your own!

4. You May do the following:
A. Paint them in any way you like.
B. Use YOUR finished Image for any thing you want, Like web sets, Signature Tags, Candy Wrappers, Etc.
C. Use YOUR Finished Image for Personal or Commerical Use.

7. If you have a Membership area, you must provide me with a Login, so that I can check to see that you are not violating my terms.

8. You MUST have a Family, Kids Free Site. You Do not need a website to join.

9. A link back to my site is required on your Membership Pages.

Save the image to your own hard drive and Upload it to your own directory.
Link back to: http://www.wgbcreations.com/Purchase
Use the logo Below

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Please wait at least 48 Hours for Confirmation. You will not have access until you get confirmation. So don't submit the Request a few times. Signing up does not give immediate approval. Once I do appove you and you have paid, then you can Have access to the Alphas.

If you agree to these terms and want to join Sign up Here: SIGN UP Choose the Option for Alphas.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Email me!

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