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Tutorial Written 01/19/08

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Software: Ulead Photo Impact 12
Author: WGB

Skill Level: Begineer Vector
Additional Files:
Or one of your choice. Unzip to a folder of your

Featured Tools:
Path Drawing Tool
Line And Arrow Tool
Text Tool

Full Edit Mode

Description: Learn how to draw a basic shape, Using the Path Tools, and the Line and Arrow tool.

1. Open a New Image 400 X 400 with a White Background. Using the Path Drawing tool Triangle. 2D: Color- Any does not matter it will be changed. Draw an Tringle 205 X 155. Click on the Path Edit in the Attributes tool bar. Path Edit
Click on the bottom line then click on the convert to curves. Convert to Curve

Step 1

Click out of Path Edit. Right Click and choose Align/Align Center Both.

2. Go to Edit/Fill. Choose The Gradient Tab and then Multiple Gradients. Use any color you prefer. I used 002. Use the Side to side gradient.

Step 2

3. Right Click on this layer and choose Duplicate. Go to Edit/ Fill and choose another Gradient. I used 016. Same settings. Right Click and choose Convert Object Type/From Text/Path to Image. Use the Object eraser. Size: 40; Transparency: 0 Soft Edge: 50 Erase the top part of the hat.

Step 3

4. Right Click on this layer and choose Duplicate. Go to Edit/Fill and choose another Gradient. I used 045. Same settings. Use the Object eraser, same settings, erase some more of the hat.

Step 4

5. Using the Path Drawing Tool, Custom Shape FI46,Shape gradient of your choice. Draw sevel different shapes, with different sizes and gradients. Rotate them any way you wish also.

Step 5

6. Using the Line Arrow Tool, Spline, Size 2. Draw shapes any way you want them and fill with different Gradients.

Step 6

7. Open the Engravers Font or the one you want to use. I used Size 48. Border of 2 and Gradient 030. Type in Each Letter Seperately. Resize some using the Transform tool Resize. Place at Different Angles. Put some off the hat to.

Step 7

8. Select all the Text using the Layer Manager. Select the top Text Layer, hold down the shift key and select the bottom Text Layer. Right Click and Choose Megre as a Single Object. Right Click and choose Convert Object Type/From Text/Path to Image. Using the Eraser tool Same settings but Change the Size to 20. Erase the Letters that are off the hat. Zoom in and take the eraser down to 5 when you get closer to the edge.

9. Using the Path Drawing Tool, Custome Shape FI48 Shape. Color any Gradient. Draw a shape. Then use the Rotate Tool/Flip Horizontally. Then Rotate Freely and Place as shown below. Make 3 or more if you want all diffent Gradients and Lengths.

Step 9

Your Done!


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