Bunny Egg

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Tutorial Written 03/04/08

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Software: Ulead Photo Impact X3
Author: WGB
Title: Bunny Egg
Skill Level: Beginner Vector
Additional Files: None

Featured Tools:
Path Drawing Tool
Burn Tool

Full Edit Mode

Description: Learn how to draw a basic shape, Using the Path Tools. Use the Retouch tools to shade.

1. Open a New Image 500 X 500 with any color but a white Background. Using the Path Drawing Tool, Ellipse, 2D: Color- Any. I used #6ACEEA. Using Custom Shape B24:

Step 1

Draw an Shape 210 X 270. Using the Transform Tool/Perpective. Pull the top in and the Bottom out to form a Egg Shape. Name this Layer Body.

Step 1A

Place this towards the bottom of the image.

2. Using the Path Drawing Tool/Ellipse, Color #FFFFFF draw and shape 60 X 100. Name this layer Tail and Right Click, choose Arrange/Send to Back.

Step 2

3. Using the Path Drawing tool, 2D, Custom Shape S49. Same color as the Egg Body. Draw a shape 65 X 135.

Step 3

Using the Transform Tool/Rotate Freely. Rotate it off to the side. Name this layer Ear.

Step 3A

Right Click and Choose Duplicate. Go to Edit/Fill and fill with a Pink Color. I used #E26E6E. Use the Transform Tools to resize this smaller. Name this layer Inner Ear.

Step 3B

4. Right Click on Both ears and choose Duplicate. With both still selected. Using the Transform tool to Flip Horizontally. Then resize both just a bit smaller.

Step 4

5. Using the same Custom Shape S49. Color of the body. Draw a Shape 55 X 70. Use the Transform tool to flip this Vertically. Place on the ear and then use Rotate Freely to line it up with the other ear.

Step 5

6. Using the Path Drawing Tool, Color #FFFFFF. 2D. Custom Shape B46. Draw a shape 40 X 29.

Step 6

7. Using the Path Drawing Tool, Ellipse, Color #000000. 3D Round Width 10 Depth 30. Draw a Shape 20 X 25. Select both Eye Layers in the Layer Pallete and Right click and choose Duplicate. Use the right arrow eye on your Keyboard to move over.

Step 7

8.Using the Path Drawing Tool, Custom Shape S50, Color same pink as you used on the Ears. Draw a shape 40 x 45

Step 7

Use the Transform Tools and flip this Vertically.


9. Using the Line Arrow Tool/Spline Size 2 Straight line. Make a mouth as shown below. Go into Path Edit if you need to to shape it. Right click and duplicate. Use the transform tool to Flip it Horizontally.


10. Using the Line Arrow Tool again Same settings but change the color to #FFFFFF. Draw some Whiskers. Select all whisker layers. Right Click and Duplcate. Use the Transform tool to flip Horizontally and place on the other side.


Lets Shade it!

11. Click on the Body Layer, Right click, choose Convert Object Type/From Text/Path to Image. Using the Burn Tool. Size 80, Soft Edge 50, Level 50. Shade around the edges.

12. Repeat this for all of the ear layers. But change the size of the burn tool to 50.

13. Click on the Tail Layer. Right click, choose Convert Object Type/From Text/Path to Image. Using the Airbrush Tool, Size 50, Transparency 0, Soft Edge 50. Use the same color as you used for the body and shade around the edges.

Your Done!


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