Christmas Stocking

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Tutorial Written 12/20/07

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Software: Ulead Photo Impact 12
Author: WGB
Title: Christmas Stocking
Skill Level: Beginner Vector
Additional Files: Stocking Tile. Right click and Save
Stocking Tile

Featured Tools:
Path Drawing Tool
Burn Tool
Dodge Tool
Airbrush Tool

Full Edit Mode

Description: Learn how to draw a basic shape, Using the Path Tools. Use the Retouch tools and Paint Tools to shade.

1. Open a New Image 400 X 400 with a Gray Background. Using the Path Drawing Tool, Ellispe, 2D: Color- #FFFFFF. Draw a Shape 185 X 80. Go into Path Edit and use the Nodes to shape as Shown Below.

Step 1

2. Right Click and Duplicate the shape. Just off set it for Now we will adjust it later.

3. Using the Path Drawing tool, 3D, Ellipse, Color any, Width: 4, Depth: 10. Draw a Ellipse 150 X 170. Now go to Edit Fill/Image then click on the Locater to find where you saved the stocking Tile to on your Computer, and fill. Go into Path Edit, add 2 nodes at the top on each side, and 2 Nodes at the bottom on each side. Use the Nodes to shape as Shown Below.

Step 3

4. Use the Layer Manager to move this between the 2 White Pieces. And Offset the back white piece as shown below.

Step 4

5. Right click on one of the White Layers and Convert Object Type/Path to Image. Using the Airbrush Tool, Size: 50, Transparency: 50, Soft Edge 85, Shade around the edges. Then go to Photo/Noise/Add Noise. Click on the Options Button. Choose Varied, Variance: 5 and check the Monochromatic . Repeat for the Other white Layer.

6. Right click on the Red Sock Layer and Convert Object Type/Path to Image. Using the Burn Tool, Size: 50, Soft Edge: 50, Level: 50, Shade as Shown Below. Change to the Dodge Tool same Setting and shade some Highlight on.

Step 6

Fill your sock with what ever you want!

Your Done!


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