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Tutorial Written 11/26/07

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Software: Ulead Photo Impact 12
Author: WGB
Title: Holly
Skill Level: Beginner Vector
Additional Files: None

Featured Tools:
Path Drawing Tool
Burn Tool
Dodge Tool

Full Edit Mode

Description: Learn how to draw a basic shape, Using the Path Tools. Use the Retouch tools to shade.

1. Open a New Image 400 X 400 with a White Background. Using the Path Drawing Tool, Ellipse, 2D: Color- Green. I used #186110. Draw an Ellipse 78 X 120. Add 2 nodes on each side. Then Use Free Edit to shape Using the Node Handles.

Step 1

2. Right Click and Duplicate the Image 2 times. Use the Rotate Freely to place as shown.

Step 2

3. Using the Path Drawing tool, 2D, Circle. Red Color. I used #C40000. Draw a Circle 32 X 32.

Step 3

4. Right click on one the the Leaf Layers and Convert Object Type/Path to Image. Using the Retouch Tool, Burn Size 40, Soft Edge 50, Level 50. Shade around the Edges. Then use the Retouch tools Dodge, Size 10, Soft Edge 50, Level 50 shade the Lines in as shown. Repeat for all the Leaves.

Step 4

5. Right click on the the Red Circle Layer and Convert Object Type/Path to Image. Using the Retouch Tool, Burn, with the same Settings. Shade around the Edges. Using the Paintbrush Size 10, Color #FFFFFF place a white dot on the Berry. Right click and Duplicate for as many berrys as you want.

Your Done!


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