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All HTML pages must begin with the following:
Your page content goes here.
Head Tag: needs to surround the title tag
Title: should describe the content of your page
Body tag: is the context of your page.
Always remember to use the closing body
and html tag.

All tags are enclosed within < > brackets.
Almost all HTML tags have and opening tag
and closing tag. Example: <center> </center>

HTML is not case sensitive, however when using
file names for images and other HTML pages
it is case sensitive. You must put in the file
names exactly. Example would be if you have an
image named bird.gif. It needs to be put in the
code as bird.gif not BIRD.gif of Bird.GIF.

Paragraph tag: <p> This will put one line
in between any text or image. This is one
tag where you do not need a closing tag.
You can also use this tag to align things
right or left.
<p align=right> will move the text to the

My text is to the right!

Line Breaks:<br> will start a new line.
This also needs no closing tag.Bold tag: <b> and will make everything bold until
it sees the closing tag </b>

Italic tag: <i> will make everything Italicized
until it sees the closing </i> tag.

Center tag: <center> will center everything
until it sees the closing </center> tag.

Blink tag: <blink> will make everything
BLINK! until it sees the
closing tag. </blink>

Horizontal Lines: <hr> will make a shaded line
like this:

You can control the length and thickness by
adding some attributes:
Width: <hr width=50%> will show

Size: needs to be expressed in pixels, and it
is the thickness of the line.
<hr width=50% size=10> will show:

Align: can be left or right
<hr width=50% size=10 align=right> will show:

Noshade: will make the line dark<hr width=50% size=10 align=right
noshade> will show:

You can change the color of the Horizontal Line,
but this is only supported by IE, it is not supported
by Netscape at this time.
If you are looking at this with IE you will see
that the line is red. If in Netscape it will look
like a normal Horizontal Rule line.

<HR COLOR="#FF1493">

All help files are printable so feel free to print them.

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