I want to thank two wonderful ladies in the group Discerning Ladies of PSP

Without their help and support I would never have been able to write a tutorial.

I have learned so much from you.


Wendy, you has always been there for me when I needed any help at all.

Thank you Wendy for all the help  and concern I got from you.

Please visit Wendy's site at www.wgbcreations.com.

Great tutorials and a excellent tutorial on basic shading.

Really something to learn.


Susi, you have a wonderful site. I love it all.

Without you this tutorial wouldn't be here. You gave me space on

your site and made all the hard work to put it up.

You have made me feel as a little part of your wonderful family too.

Please visit Susi's site at www.eaglesrestgraphics.com/.


You are both very special and dear friends of mine. Thank you.

I love you both.






Wooden Flower


Mr. Peng


Easter Bunny


Kristina Penguin



Picnic Chick

Bad Guy

Pixel Outlines

Valentine Bee

Where's My Bear

Happy Lady

Star Angel

Crissy Angel

Santa's Little Helper Girl

Santa's Little Helper Boy


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